In the early 90’s a group of Firearm Dealers and associated businessmen recognised the need for the formation of a single entity to lobby both State and Federal Governments about the Legislation and regulations which were being introduced to the firearms industry. The introduction of these laws appeared to be without any discussion with our Industry or taking notice of any input from the industry itself.

At the time there were many sporting associations to champion the rights of the shooter, but until the formation of the NSW Firearms Dealers Association the rights of the professional businessman in the firearms industry were largely ignored by both the shooting organisations and the governments.

From this humble concept has evolved the NSWFDA which has grown in strength over the years to become the only body protecting the rights of all its members at a state level. Our affiliation with the National Firearms Dealers Association federally sees our Secretary as the New South Wales delegate, and our President is on the NSW Police Ministers Advisory Group.

The NSWFDA has now grown to the extent that our members either directly or indirectly represent over 426,000 licenced Firearm owners in NSW.

Currently the NSWFDA:

  • Provides Information to our membership on relevant issues affecting their businesses;
  • Liaise with the NSW Firearms Registry on Legislative requirements for our members;
  • Renders assistance to our members on the Firearms- link computer system;
  • General assistance to our members in day to day running of a Firearms Dealership;
  • Lobbies all political parties regarding changes to legislation that may affect our members;
  • Liaise with various state and federal government bodies on behalf of our members;
  • Network with other state’s dealer associations;

Where possible represent our member’s requirements to the FAR, Police and any other entity that may have an effect on their business.