New Firearms Dealer Portal

The NSW Firearms Registry is excited to announce the development and launch of a new
Firearms Dealer Portal.

  • The portal brings significant and positive changes to the NSW firearms industry, including:
  • Replacing costly and cumbersome paper registers and ageing databases with speedier, easier and more accurate online recording of firearm movement,
  • Instant dealer to dealer notification of transactions in-progress,
  • Single digital record for all firearm transactions, including ammunition and gunpowder
  • Dedicated employee login profiles to confirm disposal and acquisition touch points,
  • Real-time validation of disposal and acquisition of firearm transactions along with gun powder and ammunition sales,
  • Decrease the likelihood of human errors by introducing an automated validation process,
  • Improving security of system access and monitoring through dedicated login profiles for dealers and each of their employees,
  • Ability to search firearms registrations without having to contact the Firearms Registry,
  • Easy onboarding and migration process enabled by Firearms Registry staff,
  • Reducing error opportunities due to validation of dealer to dealer licence details, including categories of firearms and preventing incorrect or incomplete transactions from being submitted,
  • Reducing red tape by streamlining quarterly return requirements with real-time functionalities of firearm sales and purchases,
  • Seamless and simple user experience including self-service search capacity of firearm details including registrations negating the need to contact the Firearms Registry,
  • Simpler dealer audit process due to real time transactions held by dealer and police,
  • Decommissioning of the outdated Firearms Link platform.

The portal will allow NSW firearm dealers to complete activities online. Some of these include:

  • NSW Dealer Disposals,
  • NSW Dealer Acquisitions,
  • Interstate disposal Transactions (between NSW and other states and territories),
  • Ammunition and Gun Powder Sales.

The rollout of the Firearms Dealer Portal is scheduled to commence in August 2020 and is
part of a phased delivery of digital services for the NSW firearms community.

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