Adler B230 ban overturned



The NSW Firearms Dealers Association together with the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia welcomes today’s decision by the NSW Firearms Registry to overturn the ban on the Adler B230 shotgun.


Both the NSWFDA and SIFA have been working on this issue, ensuring proactive representation of the interests of all NSW dealers and industry, since being made aware of the intention by NSW Police Firearms Registry to ban this firearm under Schedule 1, Item 7 of the NSW Firearms Act in early December 2020.


Paul Britton President of the NSW Firearms Dealers Association said “This decision represents a win for common sense, however our fight is far from over. The NSW Firearms Dealers Association in conjunction with SIFA will continue to scrutinise subjective decisions made by the NSW Police Firearms Registry surrounding ‘appearance’, and together with our legal team, including well known firearms advocate and Barrister Mr. William John Wilcher, we will continue to push to ensure there is fairness and equity in the decision making by the NSW Police Firearms Registry”.


The arbitrary decision to ban the Adler B230 adversely affected many different areas of the NSW shooting community, and many individual shooters, shooting associations & groups also made individual representations on this issue.


This is significant win and NSWFDA and SIFA will continue to monitor the application of appearance-based controls by the NSW Firearms Registry and we stand by, ready to challenge further decisions made under this subjective section of the NSW Firearms Act.


Paul Britton. President, NSW Firearms Dealers Association – 0414 353 216

James Walsh. Executive Officer, Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia – 0419 933 066

Paul Britton
NSW Firearms Dealers Association Inc

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