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  • Review sourced from href=”https://www.usacarry.com/glock-19x-review/”>

    The new for early 2018 Glock 19X (G19X) Crossover available this week is a hybrid mostly Generation 5 combination of a Glock 19 (G19) […]

  • Australian gun control advocates call for federal intervention to save firearms pact

    Ben Smee – Monday 26 Mar 2018 13.37 AEDT

    Gun control advocates have called for federal intervention – and even a r […]

    • We should send a letter, to Peter Dutton, supporting his proposal, of a committee to review
      change, to the import and export law. I’m sure the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia, would
      support the move, if they haven’t done so.

    • I think it would be a good idea for the Association to contact the Registry and ask why all mail is being redirected from Murwillumbah to Parramatta yet on the Registry website the postal address is still shown as Murwillumbah. This redirecting of the mail is only adding about 10 days to delivery of the mail to the Registry.

    • Has anything happened in relation to both Malcolm Gault’s inquiry and Chris Blanchard’s statement about the letter to Peter Dutton.
      Chris’s enquiry is now 12 months old and Malcolm’s is almost 12 months ?? If so could someone from the Committee post on here and date please when they were attended too.

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    While you can post any topic here, be mindful of others and how you want them to see you. You’re signed in with your NSWFDA account.

    Don’t post anything “regretful”.